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Join us at Kala for the best handcrafted fresh Mexican cuisine in Orange County. Since opening, Kala has been catering and serving up prepared fresh Mexican cuisine for the whole family. Influenced by decade-old recipes and cooking techniques borrowed from our family's kitchen, our menu includes fresh Mexican favorites like Abuelitas Sopes, Citrus Chicken Tacos, and Jalisco‐Style Barbacoa. And of course, no meal would be complete without one of our craft juice or drinks made from scratch daily! Get in contact with us for any and all of your catering needs! Our catering services include Corporate catering, Event catering, Party catering, and all your catering needs!

If you have certain dietary restrictions or food allergies, don't worry. Unlike other Mexican restaurants, our food is prepared fresh on a daily basis and can be made to order during any of our events or catering, just for you. Our staff at Kala can help you find a menu item that meets your dietary needs or craft a custom dish with unique ingredients. Don't be afraid to ask our friendly staff.





Kala is inspired by our family’s desire to share the splendor of our food and our culture. As a family owned and operated business, Kala aims to introduce people to fresh traditional Mexican food and demonstrate the variety that lies in Mexico’s gastronomy through artful dishes in which classic fresh ingredients are showcased. Further, Kala epitomizes unique flavors that characterize various regions, providing a collage for the palate. 


Kala’s food embodies the beautiful dynamic between recipes that have been passed through generations and contemporary presentations along with the utilization of top-quality ingredients. We invite you to relish fresh Mexican cuisine like you have not done so before with Kala's cuisine.   


Contact Kala

Kala would love to cater your next event, whether it's corporate catering, event catering, or party catering, we offer catering services all throughout Southern California!

Our fresh ingredients can make any event a hit!

We offer catering onsite with our food truck, or with a Mexican buffet set up.

Contact Us about your catering service needs, and we’ll be happy to tailor a fresh menu that fits your event!

Have any questions? Have an event you need catering for? Contact us using the simple form below.

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